Why is bathroom waterproofing important?

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used wet areas in any building. An efficient bathroom waterproofing is necessary to ensure that the structure of the property remains uncompromised

DR Waterproofing has proven to be one of the most reliable waterproofing companies with vast experience in bathroom/laundry waterproofing and we can handle any type of commercial, residential, public, industrial or strata project.

However, it is our policy to follow all standards and manufacturer’s specifications to provide a long-term solution with a long-term warranty for your project that will bring you peace of mind.

We do not comply with cheap solutions that are offered on the market because we know that they are only short-term solutions and that is not the service we want to provide to our customers.

Faulty waterproofing is one of the top building defects in Australia and can cause a lot of problems for your project.

Without proper bathroom waterproofing, the property will be exposed to damp or water leaks, which can cause structural issues and significant damage to the property. Inadequate bathroom waterproofing can also create mold issues and expose tiling to water damage, causing swelling and cracking.

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Whether you have a new bathroom project or a bathroom renovation, put your project in our capable hands and leave it to us.

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