PU Injection

One of our biggest specialties is polyurethane (PU) injection to seal cracks, cavities, joints or similar, to prevent or eliminate water leakage and provide an effective solution for leaking cracks. 

How it works?

Polyurethane injection is a waterproofing method that uses an expanding injected polyurethane to stop the flow of water through voids or cracks commonly in concrete. This can successfully solve your water leakage problems, particularly when applied to the bottom of the leak area or the lower floor ceilings where the leak occurs. Polyurethane sets incredibly quickly and firmly and keeps water out

Check some of our CRACK INJECTION work

Polyurethane injection is ideal for filling wide cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces, but can also be used to fill voids and seal around pipes.

When polyurethane foam is injected, it expands and fills the crack to prevent future water leaks. The water will stay outside and will not penetrate the wall.

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