Waterproofing stands as an essential requirement in construction. Contemporary buildings rely on good waterproof membranes to safeguard the structural integrity. However, each year witnesses a substantial count of residential and commercial properties encountering issues and damages that could be attributed to insufficient waterproofing measures. Failure to address water infiltration promptly can result in significant harm to the structure.
The lifespan of a structure depends on its stability, so ensuring your roof project has a high-quality waterproof membrane should be a big priority in the construction planning process.

Some systems we apply in flat roofs include:



Bitumen Torch on Sheet Membrane is our biggest expertise in DR Waterproofing, it consists of a flexible membrane made primarily of bitumen. The membrane is heat activated allowing for a stronger bonding, which is why torch on membrane has a huge advantage over others waterproofing methods.

This is perfect for low-angle roofs or concrete rooftops that tend to accumulate water. However, the torch on membranes can also be used for many waterproofing applications, including planter boxes, balconies, terraces, etc.

no job is too big, too small or too difficult for us to handle.



The liquid applied sheet reinforced membranes provide flexible, resilient waterproofing with easy application. They can be applied to large roofs as well as small, detailed areas, including retaining walls, planter boxes, balconies, podiums, water features, wet areas and more.

Once applied, the liquid membrane forms a complete and continuous watertight seal with good flexibility, UV resistance and breathability.

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